Most Influential Fashion Bloggers in Spain

For a fashion blogger, being influential involves having social authority: your contents are so great, so believable and you are such an expert on the subject you are presenting, that everyone shares, tweets and links and therefore, you are popular throughout the Internet. In LGN, with our proprietary algorithm called the “Influence Rank, we measure this indicator, not only by considering blogger’s visits or followers, but also by adding other 22 important variables that determine the success for a blog (time on site, years you have been writing your blog, influence of your comments, shares, number of times you are named…) bloggers-spain-small_def (1)

We have been doing this study for a long time and we hope it reaches the maximum number of people. If you want to discover:

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  2. More detailed information about the Influence Rank
  3. Have access to our Fashion Spark Tool to compare, the most robust tool for top post discovery and competitor analysis used by top bloggers

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Image Source: S Moda (Sarah Jessica Parker)