French Instagram Top Influencers

Welcome to our Top Instagram Fashion Influencers Infographic, the first in a series of weekly posts we will create for each country.

From the day we started gathering data with our Influence Rank Technology, we have found out that the best indicator on Instagram to measure your Engagement is not the number of followers you have, but your Influence Score, or in other words, the interactions you generate with your audience.

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We have been doing this study for a long time and we hope it reaches the maximum number of people. If you want to discover:

  1. The full list in Excel of top 184 France Fashion Influencers with their profile in Le Guide Noir and their accounts on Instagram and all their variables
  2. More detailed information about how we made this list
  3. Have access to our Fashion Spark Tool to compare, the most robust tool for top post-discovery and competitor analysis used by top bloggers

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